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     What do you mean by complete device visibility?
     Is Ethernet POWERLINK deterministic?
     What is ‘jitter’ and why is it important?
     Can I route devices through my IS infrastructure?
     What is the maximum distance between any two devices?
     Is there a time penalty if I add more axes to the system?
     How fast is Ethernet POWERLINK?
     Who owns the Ethernet POWERLINK standard?
     What is CSMA/CD?
     Does ABB support any other real-time networks?
     What information can I gather over the Ethernet POWERLINK network?
     Can I control I/O over Ethernet POWERLINK?
     How many axes can I control over Ethernet POWERLINK?
     Are there cost savings in using Ethernet POWERLINK?
     What is “Real-Time”?
     Why do I need POWERLINK?
     What is Ethernet POWERLINK?
     What is ‘determinism’?
     Will MINT POWERLINK products work with other 3rd party POWERLINK devices?
     Is Ethernet deterministic?
     Why should I use MINT for POWERLINK applications?
     Can I use hubs?
     Can I use Switches in POWERLINK systems?
     How does Ethernet POWERLINK avoid data collisions?
     How does MINT compare to motion control using platforms such as PLCopen?
     What is MINT?
     What is an Ethernet Socket?
     What is an Ethernet Port?
     Why do POWERLINK devices have IP addresses?
     Do POWERLINK devices have IP addresses?
     What is an IP address?
     POWERLINK is an OPEN system, what does this mean?
     How many devices can I use on POWERLINK?
     Can I connect two devices that communicate using TCP or UDP?
     What is the relationship between CANopen and POWERLINK?
     What is CiA DSP 402?
     What is TCP/IP?
     Can I connect standard Ethernet devices to a POWERLINK system?
     What is UDP/IP?

Linear Motors
     Can more than one brushless linear motor coil assembly be used with a single magnet assembly?
     What are the advantages of a linear motor over a lead screw?
     What type of feedback is available?
     How does mechanical alignment affect linear motor performance?
     What are the minimum and maximum sizes and forces of linear motors?
     How many axes can ABB assemble on one system?
     Does ABB build stages?
     What are the advantages of a moving magnet actuator over a solenoid?
     What happens if the system loses power or velocity feedback?
     Does ABB make solenoids?
     What types of linear motors do you have?
     Can more than one linear servomotor forcer be operated from a single drive?
     Does ABB make specialty motors for waterproof, vacuum or clean room environments?
     Do magnets ever lose their magnetism over time?
     Can more than one forcer be mounted on a platen?
     Can a linear motor be mounted vertically or upside down?
     Do standard rotary motor electronics work with linear motors?
     What does duty cycle mean?
     What is the difference between force and mass?

     Can I program an ABB MINT based motion controller in ‘C’?
     Can a MINT programmable product replace a PLC?
     What is EPL?
     Does MINT stand for anything?
     What is modular programming and how can it benefit me?
     What is multitasking?
     How fast is MINT?
     Can I create a Windows front end for an ABB MINT based motion controller or servo drive?
     What is MINT
     Is there a limit to the number of variables I can create in MINT?
     Can I write a MINT program without being connected to a controller?
     What modes of motion are supported in MINT?
     What is SupportMe?
     Can I use Windows 98 with the USB based controllers?
     I have an Apple Mac running Virtual PC and Windows XP. Can I talk to a USB controller?
     Can I interface a PLC to a MINT motion controller?

     Can I perform a tangential knife control in MINT-NC?
     What is MINT-NC?
     Can MINT-NC be used ‘out of the box’?
     Can MINT-NC control more than 2.5 axes?
     What applications is MINT-NC typically used in?
     Is MINT-NC supported on USB based controllers?
     How do I create a custom front end in MINT-NC?
     Do I need any programming experience to use MINT-NC?

Motion Controllers
     How much faster is NextMove ESB than SmartMove?
     What type of axes can I control?
     What is the maximum number of axes I can control?
     What bus formats does ABB support with their motion control products?
     Can I network motion controllers together?
     I am using a NextMove ESB. When I try to commission my servo axis I get no response from my servo. Why?

     Does ABB support Ethernet?
     How many CANopen nodes can I have on the network?
     What is the Host Comms Protocol?
     Can I use third party CAN I/O devices with the ABB CAN interface?

Servo Drives
     I have an Flex-II series product operating in Speed Control Mode. I can’t seem to get all of the oscillation out of the motor. What can I do?
     My drive gives a feedback fault during the autotune. Error #12 (Encoder or resolver rotation sense is wrong). What can I do?
     Is Ethernet available on the series II drives.?
     My application consist of a Nextmove BXII controlling a FlexDrive-II. Should the flex drive be set to speed mode or current mode.
     I try to enable the drive with the software and I keep getting error 8192 (drive enable inactive)
     My motor will not get over 1200 rpm. It is rated for 3500 rpm with a 300 volt bus. What do I need to check?
     My MintDrive-II is catalog number MDH2A05TR-RN23. It has an internal 24 volts, do I still need an external 24 volt supply?
     When would I use KVTIME?
     What is the difference between Flex+Drive-II and MintDrive-II?
     I loaded my project file into my new drive and it would not run . What did I do wrong?
     I have a MintDrive-II or FlexDrive-II with no field bus options installed. Can I add a field bus option to my control?
     I have a series one Mintdrive. Can I talk to it with WorkbenchV5?
     I have developed my application on an MintDrive-II. What do I need to save or backup in order to protect my application in case something goes wrong in the future?
     When I try to download firmware to my MintDrive-II it says Erasing Flash and then reports Improper Coff file. What do I do?
     What USB adapters work with Baldor’s drives?
     I commissioned my MintDrive-II but when I powered down my unit all of my parameters are lost. Why?
     Can I use a Flex+Drive-II for a following application?
     Does the communication software come with the series II drives?

Servo Motors
     I have a BSM motor. I have found that my application requires a brake. Can I add a brake to this motor in the field?
     Where can I find information about BSM servo motors?
     Where can I get a speed torque (performance) curve for a BSM motor?
     What is inertia ratio and how does it affect my system?
     In a counter balanced system does the counter balance contribute to the system inertia?
     Can a vector motor perform stop and start moves similar to a servomotor?