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Installation notes for MINT Machine Center and MINT WorkBench

Previous versions of the MINT WorkBench MUST be un-installed before installing a new version.

Access Rights

To install MINT Machine Center and MINT WorkBench, administrator rights are required. It is installed
for all users.

Users of any access level can run and use MINT Machine Center and MINT WorkBench for most functions. However, because it needs to be able to register COM components "on-the-fly" during it's operation (for example, when installing system files), it needs read/write access to certain areas of the Windows Registry that require Administrator privileges.

Under Windows 2000 and Windows XP, an error dialog indicating "Insufficient access rights to ...."
will be received when the current user does not have sufficient rights. An administrator must log
into the PC and perform the action before returning to the current user.

Under Windows Vista and Windows 7, when administrator rights are required, a UAC elevation dialog will be displayed. A user with administrator privileges must enter their details into this dialog to
complete the action.

Compatibility with MINT WorkBench v5

In order for the MINT Machine Center and MINT WorkBench applications to work alongside the WorkBench v5 application, it is important that the shared component MILServer5000.exe is up to date. This also applies to host applications written using the ActiveX control. When installing old and new applications, always ensure that the oldest application is installed first and the newest application is installed last.

Downgrading the WorkBench version

Uninstalling MINT Machine Center and MINT WorkBench and installing an older version may result in a
WorkBench that hangs on the splash screen then reports 'Cannot create controller object'.

This is easily rectified:

1. Uninstall the MINT Machine Center and MINT WorkBench using Add/Remove programs.

2. Back up the MINT Machine Center and MINT WorkBench install folder (c:\Program Files\MINT Machine Center - by default). Note: This is where MINT system files and firmware are installed to, so think carefully before deleting.

3. Rename/remove the folder (see Note above).

4. Reinstall the desired MINT Machine Center and MINT WorkBench.