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Integrated stepper motor and drive provides ultra-compact motion control solution

* ideal wherever size and simplicity of implementation is key

* applications include medical devices, instrumentation, test, machinery adjustment…

DSM Integrated Stepper Motor and DriverFebruary 15, 2005 --- Baldor has launched a range of micro-stepping motors with onboard drive electronics. Their compactness is ideal wherever space saving or simplicity of installation is important - such as in instrumentation, test, medical devices and machinery adjustment applications.

Dubbed the DSM Series, there are three choices of frame size, each in three motor lengths, offering a choice of nine torque ratings spanning 22.6 to 749N-cm.

The new range can greatly simplify both development and machine building for OEMs, eliminating the need to find space in the equipment for drives, and drive-to motor-cabling - reducing potential problems from electrical noise.

Baldor supports the new motor-drives with its NextMove range of motion controllers. These offer developers the option of PCB modules for system integration in Eurocard or PCIbus form-factors, or ready-to-use packaged controllers. All of these options provide multi-axis control facilities using the popular Mint motion language. A typical example is NextMove-ESB, which offers a three-axis servo motor control solution combined with control for four stepper axes, in a rugged enclosure with a USB interface.

The three choices of Baldor DSM motor/drives have NEMA frame sizes of 17, 23 and 34. Each frame size can also be selected with one, two or three winding stacks. This provides developers with a choice of holding torque ratings of 22.6, 42, 52.9, 64, 102, 169. 269, 406 or 749N-cm.

Users can also select from a number of configuration options to optimise the motor/drive for an application, including single or dual shafts, with optical encoder or control knob, and flying lead or connector interface.

The 1.8-degree stepping motor can be configured for operation in any of 14 step sizes from 1/2 to 256 micro-steps per full step, using a Windows utility and a motor-to-PC set-up cable. The chosen setting is stored in non-volatile memory, and may also be modified on-the-fly by the motion controller if required.

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