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BR1202 Catalog

Baldor's motion control catalog, BR1202, is available for download or ordering. Consisting of 10 different sections, the BR1202 outlines Baldor's motion control capabilies and product line.

BR1202-A Motion Control Solutions

Provides an overview of Baldor's motion control solutions, including multi-axis motion controllers, servo drives, servo motors and linear motors.

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BR1202-B Mint Automation Software and Applications

Baldor's Mint programming language provides a powerful, flexible and easy to use Basic-like programming interface for our range of multi-axis motion controllers and intelligent drives.

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BR1202-C NextMove Multi-Axis Motion Controllers

The NextMove motion controllers are at the heart of thousands of machines worldwide, providing multi-axis control. NextMove controllers are available in PCIbus format, rack mount, standalone and now with real-time Ethernet Powerlink interface.

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BR1202-D AC Servo Drives

Baldor's AC Servo Drive offer flexibility. Available in many different sizes to 27.5A, options include full programmability and fieldbus interfaces. The new MicroFlex e100 offers real-time Ethernet Powerlink connectivity.

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BR1202-E AC Servo Motors and Gearheads

The AC motor products offer a flexible solution for machine manufacturers. The new stainless steel products are ideally suited for washdown environments. A range of gearheads complement the range.

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BR1202-F DC Servo Motors & Drives

Baldor offers an extensive range of DC motors and drives to meet the most demanding of applications.

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BR1202-G Linear Motors and Stages

With an extensive range of linear motors and stages, Baldor can meet the most demanding of applications.

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BR1202-H Motion Product Accessories

This catalog section complements the other sections, detailing many accessories such as HMI panels, cables, power supplies and more.

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BR1202-I Real-Time Ethernet Solutions

Baldor is leading the way with its real-time Ethernet solution utilizing ETHERNET Powerlink. Offering both a motion controller and drive, this catalog explains the benefits that ETHERNET Powerlink will bring to your machine design.

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